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All of the paintings were created using Acrylic paints. Some of the paintings include airbrush.

Guys Day Out
The Future of Baseball
"Guy's Day Out"
(orig. 15" x 18.5")
"The Future of Baseball"
(orig. 15" x 20")
"Tony Dorsett"
(orig. 14 x 18")

(orig. 14.5" x 17")
(orig. 12"x 13.25")
(orig. 13" x 17")

The Big Race
Clown Fish
Lion Fish
"The Big Race"
(orig. 16" x 20")
"Clown Fish"
(orig. 12" x 12")
"Lion Fish"
(orig. 12" x 12")

John Wayne
"John Wayne"
(orig. 18" x 24")
(orig. 18" x 24")
(orig. 15" x 20")

This zoo painting was created in acrylics to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the Cohanzick Zoo, in Bridgeton.

This won 2nd Place in the Chamber of Commerce art contest to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the zoo. The artwork is going to be printed into posters and will be sold throughout Cumberland County.

The proceeds from the poster will go to the Cohanzick Zoo.

"The Animals Celebrate"

(18" x 24")

Lona Gaines
/ Dezign Concepts